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Nava Natya Utsav Series: Jagat Janani

Jagat Janani is a unique Bharatanatyam concert demonstrating the power of The Universal Mother. Jagat Janani is the result of collaborative and creative choreography of leading Bay Area dance schools - Shri Krupa Dance Company, Abhinaya Dance Company, Nrithyollasa Dance Academy, and Kala Vandana Dance Company.  


Artistic directors and Gurus, Smt. Vishal Ramani, Smt. Mythili Kumar, Smt. Indumathy Ganesh, and Smt. Sundara Swaminathan along with their senior dancers have worked together the last three months to produce a scintillating masterpiece. This grand production was video-graphed in an outdoor theater by the highly skilled Anubhava.

Jagat Janani: Nava Natya Utsav

Jagat Janani: Nava Natya Utsav

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